Wednesday, January 18, 2017


From Part I of the eBook series:

No need to get your wallets out, these public buildings funded by the state were overseen by gymnasiarchs. Today we call them General Managers, however in antiquity they were much more and served in these positions with great honor. As a young man progressed in age so did his level of training and education. Discipline was essential in the formation of a future citizen, a soldier, a future leader. Multiple centuries before complicated exercise equipment a student here used a variety of innovative methods to begin building his physique. Gymnastics for flexibility, body weight exercises and basic plyometrics were used for explosive power. Running and sprinting, and of course wrestling were all taught and the gymnastai were the teachers. These ancient personal trainers acted as mentors helping oversee every aspect of a students formation, and often formed strong relationships. Former athletes themselves they scouted potential athletes to compete. Plato a skilled wrestler in his day opened his Acadamy and is believed to have specialized in teaching future politicians. In the National Archeological Museum in Athens sit a pair of Halteres. These the original dumbbells are carved of stone with handles at the top devised to help an athletes long jump. This method is clearly seen painted on the Amphora vases along with multiple gymnastai holding there characteristic cane reeds used for smacking the naked back of a student to get his attention.

Williams, J.L. "Inventing Fitness PT I."
The Greeks, A Society, it's Strength  (Fitness Through the Ages Book 1) 1st ed. 2017

Below is a pair of Halteres. Widely considered the worlds very first dumbbells. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

101 ON THE 80/20 (RULE)

"You are what you eat"
I focus a lot here on the 101 on food.  I'd say it's both an avocation and an occupation. I spent several years in the Food & Beverage industry. Ohhh, the stories I could tell. Temperamental chefs, crazy customers, and even crazier co-workers. Industry folk are, well, let's just say it takes a certain person. But I digress. Now I just help people prepare cleaner, healthier meals for themselves. The clientele is not usually 3 martinis deep, which makes for a more pleasant overall experience.

I love food. I grew up in a house with excellent cooks. We (my family) are all originally from the midwest, and growing up our table reflected that. As a kid, I ate beef off the grill, every kind of vegetable, (cauliflower didn't go over at all, but brussel sprouts sure did), and homemade bread. We most always had a tomato garden and when we moved to Va. Beach, Va. I learned what fresh seafood was. Most everything was homemade. Some of my earliest memories are of being in the kitchen.

In the kitchen with mom, probably icing a cake.

👆I'm sure most everyone has heard that catch phrase at least once. Food is a necessity. We know this. Now, what we eat and how much of it is a different story. From childhood I not only learned how to ice a cake, but also what seasonal, fresh, homemade food was. I also learned what a treat (now we call them cheat) meal was, too. Fast forward a few years, add a healthy serving of trial & error, and this fundamental understanding has become a lifestyle. It's very natural to me now, like riding a bike. I still crave certain things. Like onion rings. Oh do I love onion rings. 

Dial up on the diet 🍴

Within the fitness community there is a common rule. The "80/20 Rule." Quite simply, 80 percent what you put in, and 20 percent everything else. i.e. 10 percent genetics, 10 percent slinging dumbbells. Or 5 genetics and 15 exercise. Whatever. It' all about food. 

Through the lips, and over the gums
The truth is, we all have abdominal muscles. If we didn't we'd slump over like a slinky. Now, underneath the skin and over top of the abs is what? What we eat and how much of it directly impacts what covers up those abs. Or helps to build and maintain the gains.👈 Those of lean muscle. You can crunch till the cows come home. Eliminate the fat and then you'll see 'em. (Those obliques that is, not the cows). I can remember back in the day, despondent after weeks, MONTHS, spent grunting and lifting heavy shit only to look in the mirror and not see a damn thing change. A fellow gym rat said to me, "Get yo' diet in check, brotha." And the rest is history, as they say. I started reading labels & counts. I've learned how to substitute without sacrificing flavor. And most importantly I've learned when I can eat onion rings. If anyone has a clean recipe for those, email me! For real, for real. 

So now, 80% of the 101 is all about......

Food, glorious food

Monday, January 16, 2017