Wednesday, June 29, 2016


"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"

Clare Booth Luce

Why, oh why must things seemingly become so complicated? I ask myself this all the time. Keep it simple has, and is my motto.

Having said that, I firmly believe that exercise and fitness can and should remain a simple concept.

At home, the office, yes, the gym. Just do it. With so much in the world to figure out keep strength a priority. Wake up in the morning and #buildyourself

Friday, June 24, 2016



Always one to keep up on the latest, I was long over the kale-kick way back when I first saw a kale donut. Enough already. When it comes time to cheating I would never desecrate krispy creme perfection like that.

Turnip Greens

When it comes to "superfoods" however, turnip greens are a bonafide, card-carrying member of the club. Exetremely high in vitamins and minerals, they have it all. If you don't want to take my word for it just google.


Lately, my go-to method of preparation has been cooking them for a few minutes in a cup or two of boiling water, draining and then sauteing in olive oil and some red onion. Easy, peasy, 1-2-3.

TIP πŸ‘ˆ
Wait till the table to season with salt/pepper.

Economical AND  healthy, right now I'm on the turnip green truck.

For more simple recipes that do not include donuts email:

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


"A heart is a muscle....and what do muscles do when they are torn? They grow back stronger"

Monday, June 6, 2016


"Proper preparation prevents poor performance" - Charlie Batch 

No longer considered a bodybuilder or physique model type of practice, preparing meals in advance has become a huge trend. I believe in part because of the ease it provides. It's very easy to skip meals, grab go-to's, and binge on things that set us back and eat away at all those gains (pun-intended). Advanced meal preparation helps take out the guess work during the week, saving an enormous amount of time all while fueling our busy lifestyle.


  • Invest in storage containers.  Reusable, eco-friendly, glass, stainless, dishwasher safe, you name it.

  • Set aside a time every week, say 1 hour (a lunch break) to write out what you want to eat for the week. Start with 5 days worth of meals.

  • Do not go to the grocery store hungry. Avoid overbuying things you don't need or will set you back.
  • Do season well. Make it taste good. Go crazy.


It's Simple.

Friday, May 27, 2016


You should probably find another one.

I would like to preface this article as such:

Your sessions are exactly that. Yours. So if I get any flak for saying these things, I am simply trying to encourage thinking through before plunking down good, solid, hard-earned bucks for your training.


  • Talks incessantly about themselves the whole session.
"And then I was like...." "And then they were like...."
Perhaps you are confident they are focused solely on your well being, so you live vicariously through them.
  • Has their cellphoneπŸ“±out for anything other than using the stopwatch.  "Who are you texting?"
  • Tailors your workouts to the way they workout OR uses cookie-cutter routines.
It's Personal Training, which means your workouts should be tailored & customized to your needs.
  • Wears ridiculous outfits. Okay that's just my pet-peeve, however they should look industry professional. #justsaying 
  • Get's pushy with the sales techniques.
The gym is our sanctuary. It's were we come to escape the grind. And that includes Arty-the-Upseller.
  • No communication or doesn't share a clear system of charting all your hard work. 
"Okay we're done", isn't gonna cut it. Period.
  • Doesn't look the part. 
Photoshoot ready? Of course not. Fit? I should hope so. "The proof is in the pudding".


A trainer should not only be a source of knowledge, but also of confidence.

Monday, May 23, 2016

MUSCLES & EXERCISE Raising the Bar

We've all been there.  You're in the gym making those gains. You've worked up to a certain weight. Done. You push out those last reps.
Then, the resident beast walks in only to warm up with the weight you just finished with.


Patience is a virtue. Having said that, there is a science to making those gains. Genetics aside, I believe a simple formula I continue to go by to be a good one. It has provided me a fool proof way to track my progress for upping the ante.

Whenever I can successfully complete 3 sets of 10 (or even better, 12) I raise the weight by 10lbs.

But wait, there's more πŸ‘ˆ

Keep things simple I always say. Yes, of course. But you need a foundation to start from. As the fortune at the top says, "If at first you DO succeed...."
One day a guy came up to me and asked if what I was writing in was a workout journal. I said yes & explained my theory. He later said, "So your benchmarking yourself?"


Did I forget to mention form. No. Do not increase the weight by 10 until you can successfully do 3 sets of 10-12 reps in correct form. In the formula for gains, you'll thank yourself later.

I believe my take on raising the weight only works moving forward if you have knowledge of your starting weight on EVERYTHING. Not just your bench, your hammer & squat. But everything.

Bonus Tip 

Take an entire weeks worth of workouts, splits and the like and evaluate yourself on each and every:

  • Exercise
  • Weight
  • Sets/Reps
  • Rest periods
P.S. If you'd like an easy template just email me. I've simplified it.

This ectomorph has tried it all and I can tell you, keep it simple. Keep it real...

And never stop πŸ’ͺ

Friday, April 15, 2016



I recently came across this workout on and got very inspired. It incorporates exercises I use in my outdoor bootcamps.

Using variations on:

  • Squats 
  • Lunges
  • Pushups

as well as adding dumbells. I find it effective, extremely challenging & and a tough, all over body workout. πŸ†

I'v written about the Spartans before. Truly hardcore, they were known as fierce, loyal beasts who took physical training beyond anything we in the modern will ever know. They built an army unprecedented in ancient times. That being said, they instilled physical fitness into their culture beginning in childhood.

I am currently mastering the exact workout for my own goals which I plan on discussing later, however in the meantime refining my outdoor bootcamp. Spring is here, summer  around the corner, and it's time to ramp things up.


Saturday mornings just got more challenging.

Let me know how you fair with this truly BEASTMODE of a workout.

Thursday, March 24, 2016


Baby got Back
"Success depends on your backbone, not your wishbone" 

I think besides an impressive set of guns, a well defined back makes a statement. Good posture & flexibility depend on it. Without nice Lats' and a good set of Bro-Traps the shirt just doesn't fit right.


Don't be a slouch

Over the years I've tried numerous routines, workouts, & variations on them. Being said, when it comes to back training I rely on what I believe to be the most effective exercises in achieving a defined & well proportioned back.

  • Pull ups (unassisted) πŸ‘ˆ
  • V-bar pull down
  • Seated Row
  • Iso-Lateral Plate-Loaded Pulldown
  • Barbell Shrugs
  • Dumbbell Shrugs

Occasionally I'll add Wide Latin Pulldowns, however there is something to be said for bodyweight exercises. Pull-ups continue to be the champ.

The V-Bar pull is a staple in mass building as is the Barbell Shrug. Tip  Start your workout with these. I tend to finish with an isolation move like dumbbell shrugs or bent over rows.

Only you know what works for you, however master these and your on your way to doning the Hulk costume next Halloween.